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Grand Canyon Weather

Below you will find weather information pertaining to the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park as well as Grand Canyon Village/Tusayan Arizona.

Click here to see a variety of live web cameras from the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon – South Rim 7 Day Forecast


This forecast is for the South Rim of the Grand Canyon at 7000′ altitude. If you are planning on hiking while visiting the bottom of the Canyon is a mile down so expect temperatures 20 + degrees warmer.

Sunrise/Sunset Schedule

Date Sunrise  Sunset Day Length
September 01, 2023 6:00 am 6:56 pm 12:56 Hours
September 10, 2023 6:07 am 6:43 pm 12:36 Hours
October 01, 2023 6:23 am 6:12 pm 11:48 Hours
October 10, 2023 6:30 am 5:59 pm 11:28 Hours
November 01, 2023 6:51 am 5:32 pm 10:41 Hours
The Grand Canyon at both sunrise and sunset is awesome. 
For sunrise both Yavapai Point and Mather Point provide easy access and wonderful views. Red Feather Lodge is about a 15 minute drive to either and it is best if you be at your chosen viewing spot 15 to 30 minutes before sunrise.  
For sunset Hopi and Mohave Point are two of the more popular choices out on the west rim drive. Yavapai Point is also a good sunset choice as well.

Full Moon Schedule


Full Moon Date Native American Name Time of Full Moon
August 30, 2023 Blue Moon 9:36 PM
September 29, 2023 Harvest Moon 5:58 AM
October 28, 2023 Hunter’s Moon 4:24 PM
November 27, 2023 Beaver Moon 4:16 AM
December 26, 2023 Cold Moon 7:33 PM

Average Precipitation

Grand Canyon South Rim Average Rainfall

Normally July and August are monsoon months in Arizona and you can expect afternoon thunder storms. The rim of the canyon is at an average of 7000 feet so we do have rain storms in fall thru spring with some snow as well.

In winter months you can check road conditions specifically at Grand Canyon at 928-638-7496 or for all of Arizona by dialing 511. On line check road conditions at

Temperature Changes from Top of the Rim to Bottom of the Canyon

The average elevation on the rim of Grand Canyon and in Tusayan is 7000′. The bottom of the Grand Canyon is approximately 2000′. The temperature at the bottom of the Canyon can be 20 – 25 degrees warmer than the rim. 
If you are hiking in the Grand Canyon in the heat you need to be sure to balance food, electrolyte and water intake. Be sure you are carrying enough water for your hike and salty or high calorie snacks. For more information on hiking in the Grand Canyon go to