Grand Canyon Half Marathon & 5K

Dear Runners,

You are a crazy breed to me. Ever since one of my best friends in high school took up cross country, I’ve been trying to understand your mentality. The guy who had once talked pick and rolls, slant routes, and extra innings was now talking about interval training, lactic acid, cool downs, and shin splints. I was thinking he had gone off the deep end and never coming back. That was my 1st introduction to knowing a runner personally and getting a glimpse into your mindset.

Throughout the years, the idea of running would trickle into my life through various family members and acquaintances. Work colleagues with spouses who ran would occasionally talk about bad knees and hips that had crept up on them after years of taking a pounding. One couple would make a yearly expedition to Colorado Springs for the Pike’s Peak Marathon. One of my cousins ran the Boston Marathon. Another cousin that had always been a bit of an inspiration to me with me road biking told me during a visit that he had been doing more running than biking. What is up with these people?

It wasn’t until I incorporated running into my daily life for about a six-month window that I finally experienced what you might be feeling, thinking, and enjoying. Treadmill and outdoor runs were part of my days. Christopher McDougall’s books, “Born to Run” and “Running with Sherman”, fascinated me. I had never heard of the Tarahumara Indians in Copper Canyon that run long distances better than just about everyone else. What do you mean people run a marathon in Colorado with burros? Scott Jurek and 100 mile ultramarathons were now on my radar, and I was intrigued by the dedication to a lifestyle that has some pretty amazing benefits. I enjoyed more energy, better sleep at night, a sense of accomplishment, and a sliver of the runner’s “high” on occasion. Despite the numerous perks, it was not meant to last. I tired of the commitment, but running in your shoes for a while showed me that I am more of a saunterer, and that runners are crazy for good reason.


Hiker Dude

Tusayan Half Marathon on November 4th, 2023

If joining us the weekend of November 3rd-5th, call us direct at 1-800-538-2345 for a 15% discount off our RACK rate Additional event information can be found at